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Showing the world that neuro-diversity is a benefit!

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Welcome To The Show!

We are conquering the world one manic episode at a time!

I know that "neurodiverse",  "mental variances", and "mental health" may sound scary, but...



We discuss all types of neurodiversity and mental health topics and show the world that neurodiversity, while challenging, is a difference, not a deficit.

Science even agrees! Johns Hopkins, The National Library of Medicine, Harvard, Hewlett Packard, and more have published studies about the benefits of neurodiversity and the corresponding diagnosis.

Neurodiverse, or neurodivergent, simply refers to a medically visible or diagnosable difference in how the brain processes information. We celebrate these differences, as opposed to viewing them as deficits, as does the originator of the term neurodiversity, Australian Sociologist and Author, Judy Singer.


Disability is part of our journey. We must honor it, manage it, and advocate. Disability is not a bad word. It does not render us incapable or less than. We just have to accommodate and care for our disability.

This show is about support, education, removing stigmas, and celebration!

Each person in this community has a different manifestation, different challenges, and different gifts ("super powers"). Whether it is a manic phase allowing you to work at super-human speeds, Autism giving the gift of super analysis, Dyslexia driving creativity, or any of the other valuable neurodiverse traits, it is truly remarkable what this community contributes to the world. Just look at Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Simone Biles, Gina Davis, Maya Angelou, Satoshi Tajiri, Barbara Corcoran, David Packard, and Richard Branson! 

Here, we embrace neurodiversity and know that while it may be a journey, it can lead to some pretty incredible contributions and innovations!

Please, join me and my incredible guests on this wonderful journey, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions, needs, or to join the show!

Meet The Host
Collage of pictures of Katherine McCord swimming, with pets, with friends, working, etc.

Meet The


I am your Host, Katherine McCord. In my day job, I am an entrepreneur fighting to rid the world of discrimination in the workplace through my company, Titan Management, and I am the COO for The Octopus Movement

As Super Mania, I am working to create positive associations with neurodiversity and mental health via podcasting, teaching, and international speaking engagements. I have spoken for SHRM, AIMS (United Nations and politicians), London School of Business, etc.

I have six invisible disabilities including three neurodiversity diagnosis: Bipolar, OCD, and Misophonia. Without my Bipolar manic phases and OCD, I do not think that I could have come so far or continue to grow so much. 

I am a proud neurodiverse woman, and I want to share our superpowers with the world!

We're back for Season Three!

All shows are live on YouTube and LinkedIn at 9:30am EST.

August 1st

Perry Knoppert, Dr. Octopus himself, will be joining us to discuss being an Octopus!

August 8th

Building Your Octopus Tank: How to set yourself up for success as a ND individual

August 15th

Telling Your ND Story:

Personal Branding and communicating about ND yourself

August 22nd

Self Advocating: When, Where, Why, and How to stand up and ask for accommodation

August 29th

Supporting a loved one, child or adult, through diagnosis.

(This episode is one hour.)

September 5th

Building Relationships:

Personal and professional, how to relate to other ND folks and "normies"

September 12th

Breaking Imposter Syndrome: You have expertise and value, let it shine!

September 19th

Love Thy True Self:

Learning to appreciate and value yourself and your diversity

Laughing Work Colleagues

Jobs For

I know that it can be tough to find companies that embrace neurodiversity, so we researched several organizations, and found that Jobs For Humanity shares the same passion and ethics as Super Mania. We highly recommend using their site for your next job search!

The Octopus Movement Logo and Name

The Octopus Movement

The Octopus Movement focuses on neurodiversity and nonlinear thinking! They are here to drive acceptance and awareness of the awesome abilities of atypical thinkers and embed our diverse experience, expertise, and polymathic skills inside institutions ready and willing to tackle the trickiest challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Host, Katherine, is even the COO for the movement and will be featured in their book, Project 398. 

Join us. Be an Octopus!

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My Fellow Super Heroes

I do not fight alone. These wonderful humans inspire me, keep me focused and grounded, and fight for a better world every day at work, online, and out loud.

Michaela McCord - Sister and professional Counselor

Super Powers: Empathy and Compassion

Joel Knapp - Partner, both personally and professionally

Super Powers: Adaptability and Strength

Mervyn Kennedy-MacFoy - Advisor and Advocate

Super Powers: Insight and Determination

Ng Jes See - Technology Consultant and Advocate

Super Powers: Toughness and Tenacity

Perry Knoppert - Dr. Octopus, Activist

Super Powers: Gathering "Octopuses" and Kindness

Tara Furiani- Not The HR Lady

Super Powers: Boldness and Humanitarian

Chengeer Lee - Recruiter

Super Powers: Wisdom and Listening

Umbereen Nehal MD MPH - President Nehal Group

Super Powers: Confidence and Super Learning

Alan Ibbotson - Leadership Coach

Super Powers: Perception and Humor

Hollis Roberts - Career Path Coach

Super Powers: Muse and Vision

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Thank you for reaching out!

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